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Our 1 Community


Our 1 Community is a forward-looking organization with the community at its heart. We believe that everyone should live in a community they can be proud of, be given the choice to make ripples of change, and be given the chance to make a better life for themselves and their families.


Our Mission is to listen to the needs of our communities and connect people with their purpose. Drive healthy engagement in activities and skills-based learning projects that have a positive impact on people and places.


Giving people the tools they need to make a real impact in their communities


Working with schools, colleges, universities and employers. We empower people of all ages to make a positive impact in their community, develop new skills and learn more about personal and corporate carbon impact.

Tree Planting


From gorilla gardening projects, litter picks, street art and tree planting projects we support groups to transform wasteland into a door step oasis

Skills Workshop


Teaching basic skills to repair, reuse and repurpose old items to reduce our impact on our environment

Outdoor Education


Grass roots projects are needed more than ever to empower everyone to take responsibility for their impact on the environment, show them how to make changes and offset the footprint they leave in our communities. 


Spotlight supports young artists aged 13 - 25 years old. Providing opportunities for paid work, unique performance opportunities (local and national), networking, professional support, volunteer opportunities, and Arts Award Qualifications.

Not a performer? Not a problem. We support people who are interested in a number of different areas from event planning, PA and lighting, costume and makeup, marketing, and social media management.

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